Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Corruption Must Be Tackled ‘at Recruitment Stage’


The chain of corruption in government needs to be broken at the recruitment stage, according to a senior official.

The assistant deputy for systems development supervision and administrative reform at the Ministry for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reforms, Hendro Witjaksono, said law-enforcement and careful recruitment were among the most important anti-corruption measures.

“If measures for the prevention of corruption are strengthened, of course the incidences will be reduced,” he said.

Witjaksono was in Denpasar on Tuesday to attend a meeting on implementation of good governance and corruption prevention at the governor’s office.

He said law-enforcement had been the main focus of anti-corruption activity in 2011. Stopping the possibility of bribes from entering the civil service was the main aspect of this, he added.

“The chain of corruption usually begins with the recruitment process. Certain elements try to become civil servants through dishonest means, and once they manage to get in office, they pursue corruption as a way to get back what they spent [on bribes during recruitment],” he said.

Stopping the possibility for such practices during recruitment would be the single most effective way of cutting corruption, he said.

“The police, prosecutors and judges are certainly regarded as not entirely clean by the general public, although we have made various efforts to reform the recruitment process,” he said.

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