Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Six Arrested over $1.5m Drugs Seizure


Customs officials arrested six people after they foiled another two attempts to smuggle crystal-methamphetamine worth Rp13.6 billion (US$1.5 million) into Bali in the past week.

The first arrest came on October 19. Brett Savage, a 44-year-old South African citizen, was caught at Ngurah Rai International Airport after arriving on a Singapore Airlines flight from Johannesburg via Singapore.

After noticing an unusual item during a routine x-ray of his baggage, officers opened his suitcase and found the drugs hidden inside. A total of 2.993 kilograms of shabu-shabu, as the drug is locally known, was seized, customs chief Made Wijaya said on Wednesday.

Wijaya said that following Savage’s detention two other people were arrested, an Indonesian citizen identified as SH who was suspected of being the receiver of the drugs, and a Nigerian identified as EP, who was arrested in Jakarta.

A further arrest came on Sunday as another South African, 38-year-old Kedibone Motsweneng, who arrived on the same Johannesburg-Singapore-Denpasar route, was caught carrying 2.458 grams of shabu-shabu.

Two further arrests followed, of a female Indonesian identified as AR in a hotel in Bali, and another Indonesian identified as ES in Surabaya, East Java.

Wijaya said that the similarities between the two cases suggested that they were connected.

“Given the modes used, it does seem that the cases are very similar,” he said.

Both South Africans face a possible death sentence under Article 113 of anti-narcotics laws.

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