Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hospital Calls for Help in Bird Flu Fight

Staff at Bangli General Hospital have called on the national and provincial governments to provide additional assistance to help treat cases of suspected bird flu.

The hospital has come in for criticism for failing to diagnose two children who were suffering from bird flu, and who subsequently died after being transferred to the main Sanglah Hospital earlier this month. The children’s mother also died.

However, hospital director Wayan Sudiana said at the weekend that the Bangli facility lacked sufficient specialist equipment and specialist staff to deal with an outbreak of the disease.

He said the authorities needed to provide training for staff, and new facilities such as isolation rooms.

He added that the hospital was not equipped with a lab to test for bird flu. The two boys who subsequently died were diagnosed as suffering from pneumonia by Bangli doctors.

“We would like our hospital to become a centre for bird flu treatment, but of course, we need assistance to set up facilities such as isolation rooms, and for training of our existing staff,” Sudiana said.

There are currently three hospitals officially designated as treatment centres for bird flu in Bali – Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar, and the district hospitals in Tabanan and Gianyar.

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