Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Australian Teen Electrocuted in Bali


An Australian teenager holidaying in Bali was fatally electrocuted by live wires, officials said on Sunday, with reports his friends initially thought it was a prank.

Jake Flannery, 18, died on Saturday after touching live wires in the popular Jl Legian tourist area, where he was celebrating finishing high school with friends, according to Australian media reports.

The foreign office confirmed that they were providing consular assistance to “the family of a teenager from New South Wales who died in Bali on 26 November as a result of accidental electrocution.

“The Australian Consulate in Bali will facilitate the return to Australia of the teenager’s remains, in close consultation with his family, Indonesian authorities and funeral directors in Bali and Australia,” a foreign office spokesman said.

Friends who had been holidaying with Flannery were also being offered support, he added.

Flannery was out celebrating when he received the electric shock at about 3am, according to local media reports.

“At the time, the victim and his two friends were walking on the pavement on Jl Legian,” Kuta Police Chief Gede Ganefo was quoted as saying by the Antara news agency.

The pavement was blocked by construction works and Flannery had tried to squeeze through two piles of concrete slabs, accidentally touching signage and an electricity pole.

“At that point, the victim was electrocuted and he screamed for help,” Ganefo said.

Flannery’s mother, Cheryl, told Australia’s Sunday Telegraph that her son’s friends thought he was “playing a joke.”

The teenager graduated from school last week and his mother said she had been “so stressed out” about the trip, his first overseas, but he was “very excited” and sent her a message on Thursday saying he had been having a great time.

Some passing Australian lifeguards who saw the jolt rushed to his rescue but he was unable to be revived, the Telegraph said.

“This wasn’t what I was worried about. You don’t think about something as simple as leaning on a pole,” Flannery’s mother told the newspaper.

“You can’t imagine it happening in Australia.”

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