Monday, August 29, 2011

Still No Decision on North Bali Airport Site


A final decision has not been made on the location for the construction of a second airport in Bali, destined to be built somewhere in the island’s underdeveloped north.

A joint team has been appointed to investigate possible locations, but it has yet to make a decision, Buleleng Regent Bagiada announced this week.

“No, the team has not been able to establish the location,” he said after leading a meeting between the parties involved, including regency officials, researchers and investors.

Bagiada said he was as yet unable to offer any information about the team’s preliminary findings.

A Indian investor is understood to be backing the airport plan, and Tuesday’s meeting was attended by Karl Rajendran, Nurhan Jalal and Hari Abdul Japar as representatives of the investor. Buleleng regency secretary Ketut Puspaka and other local politicians and civil servants were also present.

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