Monday, July 18, 2011

Neighbours from Hell – Swearing Prompts Strangulation


Buleleng Police are investigating an incident in Cempaga village in the Banjar district in which a man attempted to strangle his neighbour.

Buleleng Police spokesman I Nyoman Widastra said the altercation took place on Sunday morning.

According to witnesses the incident began while 48-year-old Ketut Jiket was feeding his pigs. Believing someone had thrown a stone at him from the neighbouring compound, Jiket allegedly swore loudly, and then returned to his house and went into the bathroom to wash.

His 38-year-old neighbour, Ketut Bagiastawan, who witnesses said was enraged by the bad language which he believed was directed at him, then came to Jiket’s house, kicked the bathroom door down, and attempted to strangle him.

When Jiket’s wife, 46-year-old Luh Sadiasih, attempted to intervene it is alleged that Bagiastawan hit her in the head and knocked her unconscious.

“In the act of hitting the second victim originated while the first victim, Ketut Jiket, was giving food to his pigs. Someone threw a stone; the victim swore; the victim’s swearing was heard by Bagiastawan; and he immediately went to look for the victim in his home,” Widastra said.

“Hearing the commotion the second victim attempted to intervene, but she too became a victim of the perpetrator’s emotions.”

Widastra said Bagiastrawan had been identified as a suspect and would probably be arrested after initial witness statements were collected.

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