Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Teen Swept Away by Flooding River


A 16-year-old boy from Denpasar was swept away while bathing in a river when heavy rain caused an unexpected flood surge.

Hendra Saputra, a resident of Jl Kartini in the Bali capital, was swimming in a river close to his home in the city with four friends on Sunday afternoon when the incident happened.

Head of West Denpasar Police I Dewa Made Adnyana said that an earlier downpour had caused a sudden rise in water levels. The five youths quickly got into difficulties, although four of them were able to reach the banks safely.

Saputra, however, was swept away downstream despite his friends’ attempts to rescue him.

The alarm was raised and emergency services started a search, but were unable to find Saputra.

“The current was very strong, so the rescue teams had serious difficulties,” Adnyana said, adding that it was possible that Saputra’s body had been washed out to sea.

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