Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tanah Ampo Cruise Port Still Stalled


Governor I Made Mangku Pastika and Karangasem regent Wayan Geredeg see eye to eye on the international cruise port project at Tanah Ampo — it’s a shambles.

The 154-metre wharf was built too short to accommodate many cruise ships, most of which are at least 180 metres long.

Pastika said that up to March 17 the project, funded by the central government, still did not have the required intergovernmental letter of agreement.

A total of Rp104 billion (US$11.8 million) has been spent by the national government and Karangasem regency so far.

There had been plans for Tanah Ampo to host 33 international cruise liner visits this year but four scheduled calls were cancelled early in the year because of the short wharf and inadequate facilities.

The project is now scheduled for completion next year, with a longer wharf. But it is still waiting for the green light from the Transportation Ministry.

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