Saturday, April 30, 2011

Schoolgirl Claims Rape by Stepfather


A 13-year-old girl from Gerokgak in Buleleng was allegedly raped by her stepfather two months ago, leaving her pregnant.

The rape and pregnancy were discovered when the girl, identified only by her initials, EL, suffered a miscarriage on Sunday. She was taken to a doctor by her mother, suffering from abdominal pains, and miscarried while at the clinic.

After being questioned by her mother and the doctor she reported having been attacked by her stepfather in February.

When news of the case became public villagers from the girl’s home hamlet, Tegallantang in Pengulon village, formed a mob and set out to search for the stepfather, who was subsequently arrested by police.

Gerokgak Police chief I Komang Reka Sanjaya confirmed a man had been detained in connection with the alleged rape, and said that as it was a serious case it would be transferred to central Buleleng Police Headquarters for investigation.

“For the moment the suspect is being held at Gerokgak Police station, but we’re going to transfer the case to headquarters,” he said.

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