Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sanur Prostitutes Choose Fine Over Jail


Seventeen sex workers rounded up by Denpasar Police in Sanur were offered a choice of five days in jail or a Rp150,000 (US$17.3) fine under anti-prostitution laws.

The women, who came from Indramayu in West Java and Situbondo in East Java, were arrested during the evening of April 7 on Jl Blanjong and Jl Bet Ngandang in Sanur. According to police they were soliciting for sex along the side of the road and charging clients Rp500,000 for their services.

The women were detained under Article 1 of a 1994 law that forbids soliciting of payment for sex as a commercial activity.

At a hearing at Denpasar District Court last Friday the women –aged between 21 and 33 – were sentenced to five days in jail. However, they were permitted to pay a cash fine as an alternative punishment.

“The punishment can be dropped by the payment of a fine of Rp150,000,” said presiding judge Dewa Made Wenten. All 17 women chose to pay the fine and were released after the hearing.

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