Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rising Lake Forces Out More Families


Buleleng authorities say flooded Lake Tamblingan near Bedugul in the central highlands is still rising and only three families living on its shores are still able to live in their houses. Forty other families have now had to move away to higher ground.

One householder who moved his family, Wayan Resmini, said he had dismantled his lakeshore dwelling and rebuilt it on higher ground further from the lake.

The rise in lake level — now more than three metres above normal — is blamed on forest land in the area being unable to cope with Bali’s extended La NiƱa rains.

Regency officials say the drowned Lake Tamblingan houses will be added to the list of houses destroyed by high seas and beach erosion on Buleleng’s coast, now numbering 300, so the regency can work out how to compensate and re-house affected families.

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