Thursday, April 7, 2011

Publisher Axes New Corby ‘Fall Girl’ Book


A controversial new book about Australian drug-smuggler Schapelle Corby has been scrapped by its publisher as her family anxiously awaits a decision on presidential clemency, The Bali Times can reveal.

The Chop: Publisher Allen & Unwin has withdrawn from the book, whose cover image is still available on its website.

The Fall Girl, by investigative journalist Eamonn Duff, had been due for release at the end of last year but was hit by an injunction preventing its publication.

Sydney-based publisher Allen & Unwin told The Bali Times this week it was not going ahead with the contentious project.

“This book was cancelled and will no longer be published by Allen & Unwin,” spokesperson Kylie Westaway said.

She declined to elaborate on the reasons behind the decision. A promotional page was still available on the publisher’s website this week, saying the book would be “Explosive and powerfully compelling” and “a fresh and revealing look at Schapelle Corby, her father’s drug-running business and how her run to Bali went so bad.”

It also says: “The Fall Girl provides a remarkable picture of a drug network that reached from Adelaide to Bali. It also reveals (Schapelle’s father’s) Mick Corby’s involvement in the cannabis trade and how Schapelle came to be paying the ultimate price for her father’s sins.”

The book is listed at booksellers as far away as Britain.

Duff, a journalist with Sydney newspaper the Sun-Herald, told The Bali Times this week he was “in limbo” over the book’s publication.

“I have no date yet. It’s in the hands of the publishers, I’m afraid,” he said.

Corby, 33, was arrested upon arrival in Bali in 2004 in possession of 4.2 kilograms of marijuana, which she was found guilty of importing onto the island and sentenced to 20 years’ prison. After the failure of successive appeals, she is seeking a presidential pardon on the basis of psychological problems.

She is one among a number of Australians serving prison terms for drugs offences at Bali’s Kerobokan Prison, while three of her fellow countrymen are on death row.

Corby’s saga has already been documented in a book, My Story, by Katherine Bonella, who has subsequently written a book, Hotel Kerobokan, about apparently dire conditions centring around drugs and sex inside the prison.

Last week visiting Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd spoke with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Jakarta about Corby’s case and those of other Australians at Kerobokan Prison.

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