Friday, April 29, 2011

Kuta Muggers Snared


A pair of thieves were arrested by police in Kuta in the early hours of Saturday morning after mugging a British tourist.

Doharman and Herry, both 26 years old and residents of Kuta, were detained by Kuta Police after a complaint from a British woman, Leana Clancy.

Clancy was robbed outside her hotel, the Bounty, on Poppies Lane II at 1.30am.

Kuta Police chief Gede Ganefo said that the men took Clancy’s bag by force.

“At first one of the perpetrators pretended to offer the victim transport, but this was just a tactic to block her way. Then the other perpetrator grabbed her bag,” Ganefo said.

Clancy’s wallet contained Rp235,000 (US$27), 40 pounds sterling, a driving license and several credit cards.

After their arrest Doharman and Herry admitted to frequently mugging tourists in Kuta.

“Both suspects said they’ve often committed these crimes, up to 20 times,” said Ganefo, adding that the pair faced up to five years in jail under Article 362 of the Criminal Code.

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