Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Danish Woman, French Man Held on Hashish Charges


Police are holding a Danish woman, 37, identified only as TR and a French man, 38, identified as CL, following an airport car park arrest by drug squad police on March 3.

The woman, who had just arrived on an international flight but escaped detection, was ambushed in the car park by police at the airport who believed she was behaving strangely.

Police said a search found no drugs on her person or in her luggage but acting on suspicions she was taken to hospital where a scan revealed she had 23 capsules of hashish in her stomach.

The drugs were later retrieved and weighed 218 grams.

The woman allegedly led police to the French national, who had 2.01 grams of hashing on him.

The woman could face the death sentence under Indonesia’s tough anti-drug laws.

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