Thursday, March 10, 2011

Candidasa Hotels Urge Development Halt


Following recent calls from Bali Governor I Made Mangku Pastika for a halt in hotel developments in the crowded south of the island, tourism leaders in the eastern resort of Candidasa have called for urgent restrictions to be placed on development there too, saying the supply of accommodation far outstrips demand.

Candidasa hotelier Komang Gunita said that without immediate action the existing local tourism industry would be adversely affected.

“Permits for hotels and restaurants need to be limited. If there’s already a surfeit of rooms, then it would be better just to stop development altogether,” he said, adding that further building projects in the area would cause environmental problems.

Gunita said that current building regulations, especially those relating to seafront development, were not effective in managing the environment of Candidasa. Government-funded efforts to reclaim Candidasa’s badly eroded beach had been marred by unsightly and unregulated hawker stands, and local dwellings he said.

Responding to Gunita’s complaints, Karangasem licensing chief Ketut Sedana Mertha agreed that the views of existing tourism practitioners in Candidasa needed to be taken into account, especially in regards of the recent increase of foreign investment for villa developments in the region.

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