Thursday, February 10, 2011

Village in Fear Over Mystery Pig With Taste for Money


An invisible pig that is said to appear at night and take money from houses has had villagers at Dusun Jati and other hamlets in Banyubiru, Jembrana, in terror for two weeks. Many of them say they haven’t slept at night since the visitations began.

Rumours of a money-grubbing pig surfaced three months ago but were discounted by most villagers. Now, however, many are reporting they have lost money from their houses at night after hearing “scraping sounds” behind their wall.

Some villagers even claim to have seen the swine-shaped creature.

“We had not previously believed the stories. But lately we started to believe because many people say their money, saved in their house, has disappeared,” one resident said.

Another resident, Ahmad Antoni, said the mystery pig, called Ngepet, now appears nearly every night from around dusk until midnight.

He said a housewife had seen it near her house and had shouted out, bringing other villagers to the scene. And one night the creature had been seen near the rear of the petrol filling station at Banyubiru.

Locals have mounted guard with a variety of weapons but have so far not managed to catch the apparent beast. Residents who are on guard with a wide range of weapons chased after the pig but were unable to catch it, and it leaves no trail to follow.

“We’re not accusing anyone but we believe it exists and roams every night because we see it,” said Antoni.

Villagers are hoping to get help to catch the apparition.

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