Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nightclubbing Tourist Robbed in Transvestite Tryst


A seduction gang including two transvestites is under lock and key after a British tourist complained he had been robbed by the trio who had picked him up in a Kuta nightclub.

Philip Spott told police he did not realise he had been robbed of Rp7.1 million (US$782) until he left a lodging house the trio had taken him to for their tryst.

But when he did he went straight to Kuta Police, who then searched for and arrested the culprits, according to Kuta Police chief Gede Ganefo, who revealed the scam on Wednesday.

They were named as Dea, 24, also known as Dennis; Parky Pingky Pardede, 32; and a woman, Oline Augustine, 42.

Ganefo said Spott had met the trio at a nightclub last Saturday, where one of the transvestites struck up a conversation and danced with him before suggesting they all go to another nightspot for more intimate conversation.

Later they took Spott to the lodging house where the “seduction” continued and Spott eventually fell asleep. Police allege that Dea and Pingky then stole his wallet.

“Dea took Rp1.2 million ($132) and Pingky Rp5.9 million ($650),” Ganefo said.

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