Friday, January 14, 2011

Govt Gives Australia $1m for Flood Relief


The central government will donate US$1 million to help victims of the devastating floods that struck northeastern Australia this week.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Michael Tene said on Wednesday that the donation was being made because “we sympathise with their situation.
“The Australian government and people have helped us when we faced disasters and we too have helped them before. This is an example of good relationships and solidarity between us,” Tene added.

Brisbane, Australia’s third-biggest city Brisbane, been besieged by once-in-a-century floods that could hit more than 30,000 homes, as the death toll in raging torrents rose to 12.

Thousands of people fled to higher ground and Brisbane’s centre was a “ghost town” as the river city of two million battened down for its worst deluge since 1893 and with deadly floods inundating vast areas of Australia’s northeast.

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