Friday, January 21, 2011

Gilimanuk Security a Sham, Say Locals


Shocking has evidence emerged that the much-vaunted security clamp at Gilimanuk, Bali’s Java ferry entry port, is just a sham unless anyone important is around.

An investigation by the Indonesian-language news service Berita showed a number of crucial security facilities at the port – including the metal-detector screen – are only used if there is a visiting official.

Berita said it monitored the Port of Gilimanuk last Sunday and found that security personnel there generally checked only people who came to their attention.

Specialist security equipment supplied to the port to meet Bali’s commitment to total security surveillance is left unused unless provincial or national government officials are present.

It is supposed to be used round the clock, seven days a week.

Berita also reported its monitoring showed non-Bali residents arriving at Gilimanuk were still able to evade internal migration checks at the port simply by slipping out of a door before the security check, directly to the bus stop.

Gilimanuk has been supplied with additional security personnel from police, local security and the military continuously since 2005.

Local residents also complain that extortion and other corruption is still rife at Gilimanuk, especially in regard to the entry of people from other provinces without papers authorising a move to Bali.

One resident said: “Bali is really hollow at the west door.”

Gilimanuk residents say the security weakness is not only Jembrana’s responsibility but also that of the provincial government and the Bali Police.

“Now is the time for the provincial government and the Bali Police to intervene to formulate better security standard operating procedures,” another resident said.

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