Friday, January 14, 2011

Angry Boyfriend in Burning Petrol Assault


An angry boyfriend is under arrest in hospital being treated for burns and bruising after a Christmas incident in which he threw petrol over his girlfriend, a housemaid, and her employer and the employer’s son and struck a match.

The man, named by police as Martin, 25, inadvertently spilled petrol on himself during the attack and was also burned — and was then chased and badly beaten around the face and head by neighbours in the Parta Graha Lestari housing estate at Tegal Buah, West Denpasar.

His victims’ screams for help brought neighbours running to the scene and their quick action in putting out the flames saved their lives, according to police. But all three — housemaid Veri, her employer Ni Nengah Ayu Puspa Rini and her son Nana — are also in hospital.

Police said Martin was angry because his romance with Veri had soured.

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