Friday, December 24, 2010

French Couple in Mystery Deaths


Mystery surrounds the deaths of a French couple at a small hotel in Banjar, Buleleng, on Monday. They were found dead in the bathroom about 7pm, only an hour after they checked in.

Police named the couple as husband and wife Oliver Marroni, 35, and Marron Scapin, 34. The woman was naked but the man was fully clothed.

Banjar Police officer Burhanuddin told reporters there was no indication of violence or of drugs.

Medicine was found on a table in the couple’s room and a bottle of alcoholic drink on the terrace outside.

Four staff members who dealt with the couple when they checked in at the hotel, Lumbung Bali Cottages, have given statements to police.

Police said on Wednesday the deaths had been reported to the French consulate but so far there had been no request for an autopsy.

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