Friday, December 3, 2010

‘Citizen’ Scam Fails: Man Can’t Speak Indonesian


A Taiwanese businessman has been detained by immigration over an alleged identity scam discovered when he presented documents including passports and ID cards purporting to be national Indonesian documents.

Tung Chen, 32, was held when it became obvious to immigration officers examining his documents that he did not speak Indonesian.

“We have named him as a suspect in violation of immigration laws,” senior immigration office Hatomi said at a media conference in Denpasar.

Tung, who lives at Jimbaran, presented a birth certificate purportedly issued on August 15, 1974, showing he was born in Bogor on August 9 that year.

Under questioning he admitted to immigration officers that he had been supplied with false documents by Taiwanese nationals who had now fled.

Bali chief of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights immigration office David Darmawan said the scam might work if the purported citizen had papers processed without himself being seen. “But this does not work when there is an interview,” he said.

Tung now faces a possible two-year jail term and deportation.

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