Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Penida Ferry Takes a Break


Suspension of the roll on-roll off ferry service between Kusamba and Nusa Penida because the regular boat is in Surabaya for annual maintenance and a replacement vessel has not arrived has been criticised as dangerous because smaller boats now making the crossing are overloaded.

Local people say smaller boats built to carry only 80 people are making the 12 nautical mile crossing with up to 120 passengers and excess cargo.

Harbourmaster IGK Sudia Rana of Banjar Bias on Penida said:  “This situation is dangerous. What’s more, many of the passengers hold no tickets and are not listed on the official manifest. In this situation there is little we can do to stop passengers crowding the ships’ decks.”

The regular ferry, the Nusa Jaya Abadi, left on November 3 for a 30-day annual maintenance schedule in Surabaya and the replacement boat, from Ternate in the eastern archipelago, is due to arrive in Bali only this weekend.

Klungkung’s transport chief, Nengah Sukasta, said that acquisition of a replacement ferry was organised at the urging of Governor I Made Mangku Pastika.

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