Monday, November 22, 2010

Farce Rules

Gayus Tambunan, former taxman, is a one-man comedy show. He is now sorry there was such a fuss over his little weekend jaunt to Bali for the Commonwealth Bank tennis classic last weekend. He is clearly divorced from reality – the reality, that is, that would exist, and should exist, if Indonesian institutions (in this case the police) weren’t themselves a farce.

Gayus has been charged with serious corruption offences. He is – or he is supposed to be – locked up in a Jakarta police cell pending his trial. As usual in these circumstances, everyone has run for cover. In Indonesia, the buck never stops anywhere. There is always a risible excuse that the apparatus of state decides it is safer to acquiesce in.

But if Gayus’ embarrassing Bali jaunt is an example of how Indonesia’s police run their own show, someone very high up – and we suggest this should be the man in the big office at the Istana Negara – should put a stop to the nonsense now.

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